Your Doctor

Put your doctor on your side

Nobody knows your health history better than your doctor. There is nobody more motivated or qualified to help you reach your goals and reduce the risks. Stepping on the scales at your doctor’s surgery could be the first step to success in your weight loss journey.

Your doctor will offer an evidence-based approach to weight loss. Unlike fad diets and weight loss gimmicks, your weight loss plan will be based on science, making it both achievable and maintainable. Your treatment plan will depend on how overweight or obese you are, your overall health and your level of motivation to make changes to your lifestyle and complete a treatment program.

The easy way to talk to your doctor

You can access the self-assessment tools and complete our simple quiz, then print out the results to take to your doctor to help to start the conversation. In addition have a think about the questions your doctor may ask and what you may want to ask.

When you talk to your doctor, it is important to be honest about your level of concern about your health, how much your everyday life is affected by your weight and how committed you are to making changes and losing weight.

Your doctor may ask about your general health, medical history, previous weight loss attempts, and why you think you have struggled to lose weight. Your doctor could also ask about what you normally eat, how much physical activity you do and your weight loss goals.

You may want to ask your doctor about the possible health risks for you related to your weight, what the treatment options are, how long treatment will last and how much weight you can realistically expect to lose.

Remember you are not alone. In Australia, over 60% of adults are either overweight or obese. Your doctor will have had conversations with obese and overweight patients many times before.